Monday, 24 October 2011

Analysis of a Tara-style MLP:FIM fanfic

I do not own this story, I wish I did. I am only wanting to analyse the well executed trolling because I find this amusing. IF U DONET LIEK GTFO, as one of my idols Tara once said... That said, let the games begin! 

Im nut ok i promiss
authors nute- hay peeps im goin 2 try writin a stroy 4 my littel pwny becaus da new show roks as much as GC. all goffik peeps pls reveiw. evry1 else GET DA FUCK OTTA HERE!
chapta 1- da nite dhat changd everythang
hi my name is Nite Black Histeria Moon Star Sparkel [fantastic name, I couldn't have done it better myself.]. i liv in ponyvill and run a goffik clothin stoore (an- lik hot topik lol [I love gratuitous lols. Lol.]). im goffik and a loner and only reli on my sistar Twilite Sparkkel 4 thangs[SHAKE THAT THANG].
i had 2 run teh store 2day [not any other day, just today, y'know] soo i put on my blak lacy corset and blak pufffy skirt wit 4 blak lather hi heeled shoes [trust me, I am making an effort, but ponies with high heels is just weird!]. i put a blak ring dhat sad 666 on it (an-im a athest who warships satin) on my horn [horn jewllery ftw!]  and put MCR (dhey fukin rok!) bands on mah wings.
"hay bitch" twilite said as i was gong to work.
"hay slut" i retorted [the art of retorting].
"u look kawaii" she went.
"so do u lol [GL]" i said. she was wearin a purpel gothik dress wit blak fishnet stokings.
"i hav 2 rite a friendshit letta 2 dhat fukin prep Celesta. i HATE DHAT FUCKIN BATCH [YEAH! Damn that batch of cookies]!" twilite yelled.
"lol i do too. shes almost as much of a fukin prep as dhat bitch Rareity. i gotta go hore[I think she meant whore]." i said.
[I don't like the fact that Celestia and Rarity have to be preps... MY GOFFIK LOVE FOR THEM IS FORBIDDEN]
i went 2 mah shoop then.
on my way i passed Rareities fashon shop and her and a bunch of othar preps laughed at me. i put my middel finga up at dhem [pony middle finger?] and dhey gasped and ran inside.
i got 2 me shop and sold a bunch of stuff and shit [I want to see her business plan so badly!] wen som1 cam in da door.
it was…..BAG MAKINTOSH!1 [holy crap a customer!]
"hay" he said in a drepressed way.
he was SO fukin hot. he had on a linkin park tshirt wit 4 blak sk8tar shoes on his hoofs. he had died [I guess that's a goffik thing to do] his maine [oh... nevermind] black and wore tons of blak eyelinar. he looked jus like Gerard Way in da musik video 4 Helana where he sang sexily into da mike [except, you know, a pony].
"hay" i said bak bluching [the art of...].
"i hav tikets 2 da MCR concert tonite. u wanna go wit me?1" he axed [I can't help but picture BM smashing an axe on the counter as he says this...]
"O MY FUKIN GOD! i FUCKIN LUV MCR!" i screemed.
"will u go dhen" he askd agian [cause he was a bit slow].
"sure" i said goffikally.[the art of...]
l8tar dhat nite me and twilite got redy 4 da concert. Bag macintosh came in appeljaks truk but it was painted blak. it had bumpa stikers 4 evanesence, gc, marilon manson and otter gothik bands on it. we all did crack, coke, weed, and alcholol on da way 2 da koncert.
wen we got dhere i startred 2 screem beecause gerard way came on da stage.
gerard and da band sang da song Ghost of U
"at da end of da wrold or da last thing i see you r nevar cumin home never cumin home" gerard sang.
just dhen i saw Bag Mac gettin an eruction [BURP]. he locked away embarased.
"its ok" i said. "i think sensative bi-ponys r really hot" (an-if ur a homophube dhen GTFO)
"ur so kool Nite Spakel" he went puttin hiss hoovs around me [how?].
"yah lol"[GL. Also, big headed much?]
afta da concart Bag Mak drov his truck into Evarfree Forest.
"y r we here?" i asked.
"Nite sparkel i brought u to da concart beecause i had to tell u somthang" he said staring at me wit longin in his eyes.
"wut?" i retarted [*retarded].
"i cant tell u so maybee dhis song will help u undarstand"
just dhen he started to sing 'Wak me up Inside" [I have listened to this song and, although slightly related, I'm sure he could have picked a better one] lik a male versian of Amy Lee.
"do u-" i stated to say b4
just dhen we started takin off eachotters cloths and got on da hood of da kar [wait a sec... 1. It's a truck, so it has basically no hood; 2. The hood of a car can support the weight of two ponies?]. he stuk his Big Mac into mine [she has a penis? What? I'm throughly confused now.] and we did it 4 da 1st tim.
Twilite thuoght we were kute [when did she get here?!]. "Kawaii" she sad watchin us do it. i kud tell she was turned on by da lock in her eyes.
suddenly we herd some1 yell. "WAT DA FUCK R U DOIN U MOTHERFUKERS!"
it was…..Princess Celerstia!1
[good chapter, nice use of the cliffhanger technique to keep the readers interested]

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