Saturday, 13 November 2010

Three things that bring out the Nazi in me

No, not that kind of Nazi, but I just read in a top 10 things to do in a blog that one of them is to have a catchy title...

Well, as some of the internet connoisseurs may know, I'm talking of the Grammar Nazi. That authoritarian alter ego whose eyes burn at the most basic (yet atrocious) spelling and grammar mistakes.

  1. You're and Your - This one annoys the hell out of me because the rule is so simple to remember! If internet users stopped for one or two precious seconds and thought about it, the world would be happier. To clarify:
    • You're - You are. For example, "You're making a fool of yourself by confusing "you're" and "your"."
    • Your - 2nd person possessive pronoun. For example, "Your grip of the English language is appalling".
  2. It's and Its - Again, another one with an easy to remember rule. I know sometimes laziness in looking for that precious apostrophe, especially in text messaging, can account for mistakes here. To clarify:
    • It's - It is. For example, "It's really easy to find the apostrophe!"
    • Its - 3rd person singular possessive pronoun for neither he or she. For example, "The keyboard loved its apostrophe key".
  3. There and Their - Some people argue that this can be classed as a typo. But if you look at the keyboard, it can be seen that the keys are quite far apart; thus proving it's more likely to be the result of carelessness. To clarify:
    • There - Some place not close to here. For example, "In that blog they talk about spelling and grammar; I want to go there."
    • Their - 3rd person plural possessive pronoun. For example, "They are English teachers; their grammar is fantasic."
As you have seen these are things close to my heart; I take them quite seriously. As you also may have noticed, I love semicolons; they are one of the best inventions of the English language.
    Well, feel free to correct any mistake you see in this post - it is after all Murphy's duty to make me write a mistake - and continue reading!

    The Polyopinonist

    Wednesday, 10 November 2010

    Let's go for the standard introduction

    Hello there.

    This blog shall merely be an outing to post my writing that isn't directly plotted and that doesn't have a concrete objective - also known as gobbledygook - however it can be mind enticing and, if you're into that sort of thing, I recommend you have a look around. No, not all my sentences are that long and convoluted.

    Following the recent example presented by two of my very good friends, thesocialthatcherist and [name to be added due to my forgetfulness], I have decided to take up an enterprise to share with the world my thoughts on varied topics and, as my name may suggest to you, I am a multi opinionated person interested in everything. This means the content of this blog will be varied and mostly based on whatever is being tossed about in me and my friends' discussions.